Thursday, March 24, 2011

Web Design is fun!

Web design is something I am really passionate about. This does not mean I am an expert on the subject of the internet or particularly advanced at complicated web design. It is just really fun!

I enjoy other people's web pages, especially those about web design. I thank those people that taught me and allowed me to reach my particular level of expertise; and I hope by writing this blog I might be able to help other people beginning to learn about web design attain the same level of knowledge that I have (or hopefully surpass it!)

There are many good websites about learning about the web, articles, technical solutions or code examples of HTML, CSS etc. and I intend to link to these to help other web designers and also act as a log or history of my own learning evolution.

It is still a learning process for me ... I don't think you ever stop learning or discover more efficient techniques to help you reach your goal.

This blog is, of course, only my opinion, and is nothing particularly new. Its been done countless times before but i think this blog will make it all clearer for me and just maybe it might assist people in the same position I am now or was a few years ago.

Anyway, here goes ...

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