Monday, March 28, 2011

When I first acquired Dreamweaver 4 I felt I needed a book to teach me the ins and outs of the program.  Somewhere I managed to purchase Dreamweaver 4 H.O.T (Hands On Training) from a company called  It was very helpful as it also had a companion CD-ROM with files to accompany the lessons in the book.  It helped me create my first website.

Since those early days has come a long way.  The company has since evolved into an online training library with video courses and exercise files on just about every aspect of web design imaginable.  The courses are presented by a variety of teachers who are all specialized in different areas of the web.

As I had a small hiatus during my learning I decided to enrol in the monthly premium membership which included all the exercise files.  I found it very stimulating at first and while I was enrolled I did learn a great deal about Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and even dynamic languages like PHP which I am sill very intrigued by.

However, I left after about 3 months.  As I did not have much money to spare, I could not justify the ongoing cost.

I feel that if you are a beginner to web design is definitely a great place to start.  I guess in my case I felt I had attained an intermediate level of knowledge on those areas that I was interested in and the fees were burning a hole in my back pocket.  The web is a very big place and if you are willing to look a bit harder, there are many people willing to give away similar information (Youtube is a great place to explore) for free.  That said, certainly got me started on my journey and I am eternally grateful to them. 

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