Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Bible

The latest book I have bought from my local bookstore with a gift card I got for Christmas was the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Bible written by Joseph Lowery and published by Wiley.  It is a paperback that is 1344 pages long (a big book) and came out in April 2010.  It cost around $60 Australian dollars but is well worth every cent.

The book covers every conceivable aspect of Dreamweaver - it showed me buttons and shortcuts I had never noticed before!  It is packed with instructions and tutorials that I believe would help web designers at all levels.  It is just so comprehensive!  There is even a website with files you can download to follow along with.  It also covers dynamic data-driven sites which I am particulary interested in; as well as HTML and CSS fundamentals which helped me understand the program much better.

I had seen some tutorials by Joseph Lowery at Lynda.com and I am only just beginning to comprehend how much of a Dreamweaver guru he is.  His writing is concise and to the point unlike other Dreamweaver books like Dreamweaver CS5 for Dummies.  I never was really fond of the "Dummies" series as I found they dumbed it down a bit too much and the headings were a bit too vague for a good reference book.  I suppose Dreamweaver CS5 for Dummies is good for beginners but I prefer this book much more overall.

The Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Bible is a must-have for web designers who use Dreamweaver and want a book that explains every facet of the program.  I love it and can't wait to acquire other books in the Bible series (different authors I know but I'm willing to take the risk).  I think the Adobe Fireworks CS5 Bible will be my next purchase so if I can find a copy I promise to write a review on it in a future post.  Happy reading!  

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